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Food Bike Tour

Looking for a fun, healthy, and delicious way to spend time with your loved ones? Look no further than Food Bike Tour, where they offer easy, active lifestyle alternatives that everyone can enjoy together.

Whether you’re craving a fresh, home-cooked meal, thirsting for refreshing beverages, or eager to explore the city’s sights on a guided walking or biking tour, they have something just for you.

Hop on your bike and join a delicious Food Bike Tour, where you’ll pedal your way through the city while indulging in tasty treats along the way. Or, if you prefer a more effortless ride, opt for their Food …

Attractions & Experiences

West Edmonton Mall

Welcome to the ultimate shopping and entertainment destination in North America – the magnificent West Edmonton Mall.

Stretching across the equivalent of a staggering 48 city blocks, this iconic complex is more than just a shopping center. It’s also a world unto itself, brimming with endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Step inside from the chilly outdoors and feel a rush of excitement as you enter the tropical oasis of World Waterpark, boasting the world’s largest indoor wave pool. Whether you’re riding the waves or lounging on the sandy beach, you’ll feel transported to a paradise…


UFest Edmonton Ukrainian Festival

Edmonton’s vibrant cultural scene is set to explode with color, music, and delicious cuisine as the UFest Edmonton Ukrainian Festival kicks off once again. This annual celebration of Ukrainian heritage brings together communities to revel in the rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture.

Held in the heart of Edmonton, UFest is a lively showcase of Ukrainian traditions, music, dance, and food. From perogies to pyrohy, visitors indulge in mouthwatering delicacies that have been passed down through generations.

Traditional Ukrainian dances, like the spirited hopak, ignite the stage with energy and grace to captivate …

Things to Do

12 Attractions in Edmonton that You Should Definitely Visit

As the vibrant capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is a treasure trove of attractions waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, an art aficionado, or a sports fan, Edmonton has something special for everyone.

So, if you happen to visit Edmonton, visiting its many attractions should be a part of your bucket list. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 12 of the best attractions you should visit while in Edmonton.

North Saskatchewan River Valley

Stretching over 7,300 hectares, the North Saskatchewan River Valley is North America&#…

Things to Do

Winter Activities in Edmonton that Won’t Cost You a Penny

Winter in Edmonton is a time of wonder, with crisp air and a blanket of snow creating a picturesque landscape. While it may be tempting to hibernate indoors, there’s a plethora of free activities that allow you to embrace the season’s magic without breaking the bank.

From ice skating to exploring festive markets, here are some delightful ways to enjoy winter in Edmonton without spending a dime.

Ice Skating at City Hall

Take to the ice at the picturesque rink outside Edmonton City Hall. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned skater, gliding across the smooth ice …


Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival

The Dreamspeakers International Indigenous Film Festival is a vibrant celebration of Indigenous cultures from around the world. Held annually, this festival provides a platform for Indigenous filmmakers to showcase their stories, traditions, and experiences through the medium of film.

At the heart of the festival are the films themselves, which span a diverse range of genres, from documentaries to dramas to animations.

Each film offers a unique glimpse into the rich and varied tapestry of Indigenous life where you can explore themes such as identity, resilience, and connection to the land.

One of the most …

Attractions & Experiences

Old Red Barn

Nestled just 7 minutes southwest of Leduc, Alberta stands the Old Red Barn, a charming relic of yesteryears given new life in 2017. Once a bustling milking barn for dairy cows over two decades ago, this rustic sanctuary now serves a fresh purpose: hosting unforgettable farm-to-table dinners.

Stepping into the barn, guests are transported to a bygone era where handcrafted tables, weathered wood beams, and elegant chandeliers exude a timeless charm.

What sets the Old Red Barn apart is its unique vantage point. Two expansive sliding windows offer guests a panoramic view of the surrounding farm, where dairy cows and horses…


International Children’s Festival of the Arts

Every year, children from all corners of the world come together to celebrate their creativity and imagination at the International Children’s Festival of the Arts. This colorful and joyful event brings smiles to faces and inspiration to hearts.

The festival is a vibrant showcase of children’s talents in various forms of art, including music, dance, theater, and visual arts.

Held in a bustling city known for its cultural diversity, the festival invites young artists to share their unique cultures and traditions through performances and exhibitions.

One of the most exciting parts of the festival is…

Attractions & Experiences

Story City App

Why settle for being just another tourist when you can become the hero of your own adventure right in the heart of Edmonton?

Thanks to local storytellers and the innovative Story City app, the city streets have been transformed into a playground of immersive experiences that unfold right before your eyes.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a brave hero defending Earth from an alien invasion, channeling your inner detective to solve a murder mystery, or escaping into a magical café that’s taken over the shops of Whyte Avenue.

With the Story City app, your surroundings become the stage for a real-life …

Things to Do

The Best Activities and Things to Do in Edmonton During March

As the winter chill begins to thaw and the promise of spring hangs in the air, Edmonton comes alive with a plethora of events and activities to suit every taste. From sports enthusiasts to culture aficionados, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic Canadian city.

Let’s dive into the exciting lineup of happenings in March.

U SPORTS Women’s Final 8

Sports fans rejoice as Edmonton hosts the U SPORTS Women’s Final 8 basketball tournament, showcasing the best collegiate talent from across the nation.

Held at the state-of-the-art facilities of the…