We are a megaphone

We help you get your message, whatever it might be, out there. Are you hosting an event? Post it on our website to let people know where and when to attend. Are you starting or expanding on a movement? Add it to our site so others can join in. Are you raising money for a new venture? Post it to help get it funded. Looking for people to donate time, food, clothing, what have you, stand on our digital soapbox, lift our communal megaphone to your mouth, and tell people what you need.

We are matchmakers

We’ll help you decide whether to swipe left or right; but don’t worry, we are discerning right-swipers. Tell us what you need help with and we’ll connect you to the folks who can help make it happen.

We are storytellers

This goes back to our communal megaphone, which we use to turn a whisper into a rallying cry. We want to show how Edmonton is shaped by people like you, people who care about our city and want to make something beautiful here. We want to share your story and to encourage others to do the same.

So what are you making?