You either chose to come to Edmonton or you chose to stay. Why?

How did this start?

Make Something Edmonton grew out of a volunteer task force of Edmontonians, who worked together to build a solution to Edmonton’s image and reputation challenges.

In 2012, then-Mayor Stephen Mandel asked Amy Shostak and Chris LaBossiere to assemble and lead a group of volunteers to find a single, uniting story we can all tell about Edmonton. The story arrived quickly. Amy and Chris decided to inspire, encourage and provoke Edmontonians to prove it, in multiple ways, to do what they had always done and what they had always most loved about the city. They invited Edmontonians with ideas for community projects, business startups, festivals and events to just do it. Make Something Edmonton would be a place to inspire, collect and celebrate new projects.

Do. Participate. Ask for help. Help.

How does this work?

Edmonton is the best place on the continent to build, to create, to change, to make something. We want to celebrate what you’ve made. We want to celebrate what you’re already making.

We want to encourage you to do more.

Create a profile and add a project. It can be big or small. Work with your friends, your family, fellow students, or your co-workers to make Edmonton more attractive, more fun, more caring, more profitable, sillier, sassier, smarter. Browse the projects and support your favourites.

Discover Great Projects or Post your own project

Make Something Edmonton is about action and celebration. If you’ve built something, tell us about it. If you haven’t but have an idea, start it and tell us about it. If you have an idea, but don't know where to start, get in touch, and we can help.

You can make something beautiful, something honest, make something gritty, make something ridiculous, make something thrive.

The Edmonton question of the future is not "Why do we live here?"

The Edmonton question is "What are you making?"

* Photos courtesy of City of Edmonton & Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

The Team

Make Something Edmonton is guided by a volunteer activation board made up of two co-chairs and 12 other members. Their backgrounds and experience may be varied, but they all share a passion for this city and the potential of Make Something Edmonton to inspire.

In addition to the activation board, Make Something Edmonton is managed and run day-to-day by a small staff. To get in touch with a staff member, please send us an email.