dc3 Art Projects is a Edmonton-based contemporary art gallery that opened its doors in 2012. In case you haven’t been there yet, it’s tucked in between Tea and Coffee Company and The Spay Clinic on 111 Street just north of MacEwan University. Founder David Candler describes the goal of the gallery as a space to set “the bar at a different position, here in Edmonton, for what contemporary art is. To help artists who are ready for that bigger stage, to nurture artists with the right kind of help and cheerleading, and to bring in artists from elsewhere who are already on that stage.”

David, a self-described artjunkie who has spent over two decades immersed in the world of contemporary visual art, believes it is important to create a gathering space that showcases the best contemporary work that he can find, making it possible for artists—who may normally struggle to find a place to show work in Edmonton—to have a venue and audience for their work.

“By bringing attention to our artist’s project and to our broader program, we aim to bring attention to all the artists we work with,” explains dc3 Art Projects Director Michelle Schulz. "We are committed to helping our artists, no matter where they are based, to reach an engaged international audience. This will bring opportunities for greater dissemination of the artists’ works and also offer a model for success to young artists in the area to follow. Additionally it will bring greater value to the works that local collectors acquire in supporting the artists and our vision.”

"Presenting at VOLTA NY helps us ... connect Edmonton with a vital and exciting area of creation, commerce, and cultural discourse."

The hard work David and Michelle have put into realizing their vision recently garnered them an invitation to present at VOLTA NY during Armory Arts week, which is “the most important week for contemporary art on the Spring New York calendar” according to Michelle. VOLTA NY is an invitational fair of solo art projects that takes place from March 1–5. dc3 Art Projects is the first Western Canadian art gallery and the only Edmonton gallery to ever exhibit in New York during this important week. Michelle describes VOLTA NY as “an extremely influential fair dedicated to the best of solo artist projects, allowing gallerists to focus attention on one artist’s work.” For their exhibition, dc3 Art Projects is presenting Tammy Salzl, an Edmonton-born artist based in Montreal, in her debut New York exhibition.

When asked about the significance of dc3 presenting at VOLTA NY, Michelle explains that “dc3 Art Projects’ goal has, from inception, been to support artists in building national and international careers and to exhibit contemporary artwork in Edmonton that would be welcomed and respected in any major art centre of the world … Presenting at VOLTA NY helps us move both goals strongly forward and connect Edmonton with a vital and exciting area of creation, commerce, and cultural discourse.”

“We are very excited to present Edmonton to the world in this manner,” David explains, “and to have garnered significant national and international attention for doing so ... We are broadening the exposure of the city to important artists working around the world, and connecting our artists with national and international curatorial programs in a way that has never been done before.”

"We are very excited to present Edmonton to the world ... and to have garnered significant national and international attention for doing so."

Presenting at VOLTA NY is just dc3 Art Project’s latest accomplishment—it’s also the only Edmonton art gallery to exhibit at Canada’s international contemporary and modern art fair, Art Toronto, and Montreal's Papier Art Fair, one of the largest fairs exclusively dedicated to paper as a medium. They are currently in the planning phase for what will be their fifth consecutive year at both fairs.

So now that you know where it is and what they do, maybe stop by dc3 Art Projects before grabbing an espresso at Tea and Coffee Company or after dropping off your furry roommate at The Spay Clinic.