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Latest Update: On the weekend of Nov 2/3, 2013 we were able to place a frame at ...

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I have not made this yet, but the idea has been in the back of my mind for the better part of 2 years.  I believe that this idea is exactly the type of thing that Make Something Edmonton is looking for, and welcome any and all help in making this dream a reality. I've contacted the City of Edmonton's Parks Dept, and am currently attempting to figure out exactly what I will need to do, who I will need to talk to, and how they deal with public projects/art. My goal in posting this project here is to hopefully be found by someone with some experience with the Parks Department, or someone with giant-frame-building expertise. Anybody who has any insight into how to make this happen is welcome to bounce ideas around regarding the following.


Too often we take for granted the stunning beauty of the River Valley, or the magnificent architecture of our historic and iconic buildings. The goal of this project is to facilitate tourists and Edmontonians alike in stopping and appreciating the scenery around us, while creating a unique souvenir to remind them of why they love the city we call home. Whether in parkland, an urban area, or a public square, we often are in too much of a rush to stop and appreciate our surroundings.

A Saskatchewan Drive pocket park looking South toward the skyline, Legislature, and High Level Bridge is the ideal location for this

The frame will need to be accessible to the public, fairly visible to passing traffic, and pedestrian-friendly. The idea is to create a buzz, and to have the public creating their own personalized postcards/photos by utilizing the frame. Ideally the frame will have "Edmonton, AB" printed on it, likely in the bottom right-hand corner.

Ideally, I would like to have the first frame installed prior to the High Level Bridge 100th Anniversary Celebration, but realize that such a short timeframe could prove problematic.

I am determined to make this project happen, and would love your help if you're interested, or if you know someone who might be. Donations are welcome, but as I'm still in the beginning stages I'm not exactly sure what will be required monetarily. It is not a large project, so with any luck the price-tag will follow suit.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  • Added IndieGoGo account, updated progress from 5% to 10%. Have already learned a great deal about screw-piles and the costs associated.
  • Presented at Awesome Edmonton/M.A.D.E Edmonton Pitch Party on May 31
  • On the weekend of Nov 2/3, 2013 we were able to place a frame at Churchill Square for River City Roundup. The folks behind the event heard about the idea through social media and an event at which we presented earlier in the year. We look forward to continuing this partnership and hope to see another installment of #PictureThis in the coming months at another prominent Edmonton festival.

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