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"Ethical," "sustainable," and "responsible" are all words popping up in the fashion industry - and we're here to explore what exactly they all mean for the average Edmontonian. How can we make the best possible social and environmental impact through the clothes we wear? How can one person, or fifty, make a real difference - especially when we're on tight budgets, or love to shop?

Change of Clothes is a brand-spanking-new event that promotes asking tough questions, embracing progress, and having fun along the way. We're bringing together fashion industry insiders and everyday wearers-of-clothes, because we believe change comes from collaboration.

Please find us on Twitter and Instagram at @chgofclothesyeg. You can also find us at and

This is a free event open to all-ages with a friendly request of a $5 donation upon entry! We look forward to seeing you there!

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