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To have 300 people attend our free event on July 20th.


My name is Amy Shostak, and I am an artist from Edmonton. In May 2012, I took a trip to China and was inspired by the park life there. Parks were vibrant places, where people of all ages intermingled and learned from one another. When I returned home, I thought about Edmonton's often-empty parks, and my Dido (grandfather) who is 83 and a very active senior citizen.

On March 21, 2013, the Make Something Edmonton Initiative kicked off; encouraging Edmontonians to create a project in their community that they are passionate about - my response is THE SLOW FLASH MOB. 

The event will take place on July 20th from 12-4pm in Louise McKinney Park in downtown Edmonton. You can check out an interview with my Dido here.

I am lucky enough to be co-presenting THE SLOW FLASH MOB, with Creative Age Edmonton (, an organization focused on encouraging more opportunities for older adults to become engaged in the arts year-round.  RAPID FIRE THEATRE is also co-presenting the event. After a successful funding campaign, we are now moving into our next phase of planning.  We raised a whopping $1500 on our Indie Go Go Campaign, and while we could still use more money to cover the costs of rentals and instructors, the event is definitely going forward!

Now we'd like to focus on raising awareness.  Please, share this event.  Invite friends to our Facebook event.  Tweet about it.  Heck, call your grandma!

You can help by spreading the word about the event, or volunteering, but most importantly, showing up on July 20th alongside your grandchild or grandparent.


Event details:

12-4pm in Louise McKinney Park

Parking: There is a charter ETS bus leaving from Central Lions Recreation Centre (11113 113 Street) starting at 11:45pm and running every half hour after that. The last shuttle leaves Louise McKinney at 4:15pm. You can park at Central Lions for free and hop the charter to avoid downtown parking.


Workshop Schedule
12-12:45 – Song Circle – Gazebo (Area C)
12-12:45 – Tai Chi – Field (Area B)
12:30–1:15 – Swing Dancing – Stage (Area A)
1-1:45 – Performance Storytelling – Gazebo (Area C)
1-1:45 – Improv Comedy – Field (Area B)
1:15-2 – Zumba  - Stage (Area A)
2-2:45 – Song Circle – Gazebo (Area C)
2-2:45 – Tai Chi – Field (Area B)
2:15-3 – Swing Dancing –Stage (Area A)
3-3:45 – Zumba – Stage (Area A)
3-3:45 – Performance Storytelling – Gazebo (Area C)
3-3:45 – Improv – Field (Area B)
4pm – Event End
Karaoke & Board Games throughout the day.

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