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#yeg's biggest snowball fight... Let's kick off winter with style!

Getting Started

Join us for Edmonton's biggest snowball fight! Connect with us on twitter @chase_jeff / @RobinMazumder, send us your digits at yegsnowfight@gmail.com for a text announcement, watch #yegsnowfight, and join us for THE snowball fight of all Edmonton snowball fights! 

When the timing is right, and we have the perfect conditions, we'll send out an announcement via text message and twitter of the location and time of the snowball fight (it'll happen during an evening or weekend). Send the announcement on to your networks and join us! 

Snowballs. Community. Edmonton. Winter. It doesn't get better than this! See you soon. 


Please note: The organizers assume no responsibility for personal injury or damage to property as a result of participating in #yegsnowfight. This is a family-friendly event and we encourage all participants to play safe, be courteous and have fun. 


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