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We are BetaCityYEG, the City's civic tech meetup. This project is no longer collecting new submission, but we are keeping some of the project language up on this site for others who might want to know how we collected the information and how they could do this themselves. The link is the ArtTourYEG, the City's public art tour which used some of the art collected during our campaign. We crowdsourced a public art map of the city, and we're calling it OpenArtYEG. We've collected over 900 pieces. Download the entire collection here. You can also see a tour of some good pieces of downtown public art at

When we started in fall 2014, we already had a great head start with geocoded art works collected by the EAC, U of A, and the Works, but we wanted to allow citizens and students to add their neighbourhood's hidden gems by a variety of platforms. All this is community and volunteer driven. We wanted pictures, addresses, and any information about anything strange and/or beautiful in the region.

Here are some quick answers to some questions you may be having:

How - We allowed citizens and students to gives us the data on a variety of platforms, including email, Twitter, Instagram, our website, even letters if they want:

1. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - #OpenArtYEG (turn on your geotagging feature for photos please!)

2. Email us at: or

3. Send letters to - BetaCityYEG, 301 10359 104 St NW, T5J 1B9

Who- BetaCityYEG, civic tech group in YEG, is reaching out to all region to help out with this venture.

What- We want to make a map (with pictures) of all the weird and beautiful things in Edmonton, it can be art or just something you think is cool or historical. We will collect it in one place online. After that, we will make the data available to the public and we will make a cool interactive art walk creator so people can take curated art walks in the city.

Where- The whole capital region. Anything that can be seen from the sidewalk or a park without the aid of a telephoto lens is public. It has to be able to be seen by the public for at least 4 hours a day (I didn't make this definition up, but argue with it if you want)

Why - This is a task that can only be done by citizens, who know the neighborhoods and the hidden gems. This is just a start, many other important things can be crowdsourced like this, and we're looking into it.

When- Launch week is September 25-October 2 with a big push on the weekend. We will continue to collect into the winter. After collecting information, we'll spend time in 2015 to clean up what we found and refine the list.

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