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Christmas in #YEG is not complete without a walk down Candy Cane Lane .

As a community we are trying to preserve the true spirit of this 45+ year Edmonton Christmas tradition through social media and volunteer efforts within Crestwood and Parkview Community Leagues .

In 2006 We were successful in lobbying the city for upgraded street lights, enhancing the character of the neighborhoods.  One of our favorite projects has been the horse drawn sleigh rides down Candy Cane Lane during the Christmas season.  Last season was particularly difficult since we had to change operators and management went to Community League volunteers.

Even with several cancellations, due to cold weather, we managed to treat several hundred citizens of Edmonton and broke even. Our community league volunteers and new operator worked tirelessly throughout the season to insure the demand for this service was met. Response was overwhelming however with limited resources and high demand there were some disappointments.

For the future of Candy Cane lane we hope to eventually  to build up some funding in order to enhance the visual experience. We are seeking funding for power to a park on the north end of the lane so we can properly light it up and use it as a hub for entertainment and winter activities during the season. 

The pitch: is a not for profit full google domain which has recently been google+ enabled.

This google domain contains 100 fully functional gmail accounts complete with google apps, googledocs/drive and G+ capability. We would like to create a virtual Christmas/Candy Cane Lane domain and create various Christmas Characters within the domain that are managed by people with imagination and character and some G+ experience .

Because the domain is google+ enabled each of the characters could post their favorite Christmas blogs, music, or anything they find that is seasonal.

Corporate and SMB sponsors would have an opportunity to provide content, movies, pictures, blogs etc about the real Candy Cane Lane as well as posting Christmas related content that may be branded by the sponsoring SMB business or corporate sponsor.

Not for profit sponsors could use the domain to schedule volunteers and events, and post content and related to those events.

I have been getting a few calls from other communities in Alberta that want to start their own Candy Cane Lane based on our Spirit of giving back to the community. This would be an opportunity for them to participate in Edmonton's Candy Cane Lane and at the same time help them to promote their own events.

For the Christmas Characters all we need is some creativity and participation.  We will create your very own and e-mail you your password. The rest is up to you to find an appropriate avatar, build your google+ profile and to join in the fun, push appropriate content and participate with the other characters. We would like to open up the opportunity to potential sponsors as well. A Sponsor can either choose an existing character and sponsor them to provide content on their behalf or choose to have one created for them for a set up fee and self manage the Character.

I am proposing several levels of potential sponsorship opportunities for SMBs’ in the Edmonton Area as well as corporate and not for profit sponsorship opportunities.

Self managed corporate sponsorship:

$5000.00/year + 1 time $200.00 setup and admin fee.

Society managed corporate sponsorship:

$7000.00 /year + 1 time $500 setup and admin fee.

of which $2000.00/year will go to the Society Social Media person assigned to the Character requested by the corporate sponsor.

Self managed SMB sponsorship:

$1000/year + 1 time  $200 setup fee

Society managed SMB sponsorship:

$3000/year +1 time $200 set up fee

of which $2000.00/year will go to the Society Social Media person assigned to the Character requested by the SMB sponsor.

Self managed Not for Profit sponsorship:

1 time $500 setup and admin fee + $50.00/hour training.

Society Managed Not for Profit sponorship:

1 time $500 setup fee + $2000 payable to the Social Media person assigned to the Character.

Beta Cast to date is is Greg Skafte is Kees den Hartigh is Owen Brierley -



Any funding collecting will go directly to partipant Christmas characters, administration and capital projects related to lighting up Candy Cane Lane.










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