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Latest Update: A bunch more submissions. Don't be afraid to submit a few

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YEG Guide pairs custom photography with an honest, insider look at the local, independent businesses that bring so much to our city, including transit routes to the business and basic contact information. It’s a thoughtfully designed insiders guide, available for free everywhere, and small enough to carry in your pocket.

We’ve been making YEG Guide for two years now. YEG Guide is a free, local guide to the independent businesses, stores, restaurants and venues that make Edmonton great. As production on our third issues ramps up, we want your help.

Please fill out the form at or tweet us @YEGguide to share with us your favourite businesses. If we get a ton of great submissions, we might even be forced to expand. The plans for the new YEG Guide just may include an app and a big website to accompany our book, totally dependent on how keen Edmonton is on having a definitive guide to local business.



Collaborators on this Project

  • Nice! You guys are killing it. We still need a bunch more suggestions, so keep it coming. You should share/tweet/poke/other social media crap. This is gearing up to be our most definitive guide to YEGville yet.
  • A bunch more submissions. Don't be afraid to submit a few

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