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Latest Update: For immediate release: Six months ago, the Oliver Community League asked Edmontonians to help transform ...

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The Little Free Library concept is simple. Take a book, leave a book.

The Oliver Community League is going to create 10 miniature libraries in our neighborhood. We just need your help.

We have 10 old newspaper boxes we’re going to sand down, paint and turn into Little Free Libraries. The libraries will hold books and our community’s newspaper.

We’re hosting a Little Free Library painting bee on Saturday Sept. 21 at the hall at 1:30, which coincidently is at the same time as our league’s Board Game Afternoon. Come help us paint some of the boxes. You can take a break from painting and play board games.

If you’re a local artist who wants to transform an entire box on your own, be in touch.

If you're a local artist who wants to paint a portion of a box, come join us on Saturday Sept. 21.

If you have books to donate, bring them to the hall on Saturday, or be in touch.

Once the boxes are painted, we’ll place them around the neighbourhood. Then we need your help again. We’ll need you to stop by, take a book and leave a book. And tell your friends.

  • The Little Free Library Painting Bee was a great success! People of all ages came to paint and donate books. Seven of the 10 newspaper boxes have been painted and now need a home! (Two of the remaining boxes are being painted by local artists and we have one final box available for a local artist.)

    We still need your help! WE’RE LOOKING FOR LITTLE FREE LIBRARIANS!

    Do you live in Oliver? Are you interested in putting a box in your front yard? Are you a business in Oliver who wants a box outside of your store? Do you live in an apartment in Oliver and want to keep an eye on a box near your building? Is there a park in Oliver you think needs a box?

    • We’re hoping to put the boxes in high foot-traffic areas.
    • We’d like each box to have a ‘Little Free Librarian’ who is a community member in charge of checking in on the box a couple times a week. We’ve heard from other people who have Little Free Libraries who say that they essentially take care of themselves, the books turn over quickly, and there is very, very little work involved.
    • If you are interested in being a Little Free Librarian, or if you have ideas on where the boxes should go, please contact me at

    As the Little Free Libraries are placed in the community, we’ll create a Google Map that shows where each library is located. The first box will be put outside the Oliver Community League Hall (10326 118 St NW) this week. We’ll need you to stop by, take a book and leave a book. And tell your friends.

    (Here are some photos from Saturday!)

  • Update time!

    • All ten boxes have been painted or are in the process of being painted!
    • Artists in Residence from Robertson-Wesley United Church are painting a box. The finished box will be located outside of the church. (10209 123 Street) We’ll let you know when it’s up!
    • Local street artist Thinkitem (recently named the Best Street Artist of 2013 in Edmonton by Vue Weekly) is painting a box.
    • The Salgado Fenwick people (they make beautiful wearable art in limited edition prints) are painting a box.
    • Seven boxes were painted by community members at a painting bee in September.
    • One box is up and running outside the hall (Check it out at 10326 118 Street!)
    • We’re STILL waiting on permission from the city to place boxes in Grant Notley Park, Paul Kane Park and Ezio Faraone Park. We asked about doing this on Sept. 25 and are waiting for approval. It is unclear how long the approval process will take but the city has said most small projects take six to eight weeks for approval and this one is moving at “lightning speed”.
    • All three of these park boxes have volunteer Little Free Librarians who have signed up to keep an eye on them.
    • There’s a local pub that is taking a box. We’ll let you know who it is once it’s up.
    • The lovely SNAP Gallery (10123 121 Street) is taking a box. It should be up and running soon. We'll let you know when it is!
    • There are four boxes that still need homes! If you’re a homeowner or business owner or apartment dweller who has permission from your landlord and you want a box, contact me at! The boxes that are on private property don’t have to go through the city for approval, so they can get up and running way faster!
    • If you want to donate books the easiest way to do so is stop by a library and put them in.
    • The Edmonton Journal wrote about the project!
  • Three boxes are in the community.

    One is outside the hall, one is outside SNAPGallery and one is outside Robertson-Wesley Church.

    They're all awesome and worth visiting!

    The other seven boxes are painted and need homes. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you are an Oliver homeowner or business owner interested in a library box, please e-mail PLEASE, If you have a favourite business in Oliver, ask if they would like to host a library box, or if you live in an apartment building, ask your landlord if you can put a box outside the building. Other potential spots: schools, churches, seniors' housing...

    We are trying to get permission from the city to place three boxes in local parks, but the process has been incredibly slow (after nearly six weeks of waiting, we were finally sent a project proposal yesterday for 2/3 boxes. Now, there's more paperwork and more waiting. The city won't give us any rough estimate of how much longer this process may take). SO we would like to concentrate on putting the remaining boxes outside local businesses and homes. We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word and helping us get the boxes out of the hall and into the community. This has been a community project from the start and we need your help to see it through to the end.

    Here's a photo of the three placed boxes and one painted by Salgado Fenwick that needs a home!

  • NINE LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES HAVE HOMES (or are in the process of being placed in a home).

    One still needs a home.

    Here is a map of the current locations.

    And photos of the placed Little Free Libraries: 


  • For immediate release:

    Six months ago, the Oliver Community League asked Edmontonians to help transform 10 newspaper boxes into functioning miniature libraries.

    Today, the community-driven Oliver Little Free Library project is complete.

    Edmontonians -- ranging from professional artists to children -- painted
    10 old newspaper boxes and now all 10 boxes have homes and are
    operational (or will be once the snow melts). The boxes are located in
    a variety of places in Oliver and surrounding communities including
    city parks, a bakery, community halls, a church, an art gallery and
    outside a condo building.

    Edmontonians have 10 new places to take a book, leave a book and build
    community along the way. The community's interest and support for this
    project has overwhelmed the league and we are hopeful more Little Free
    Libraries will pop up in Edmonton.

    "The Oliver Little Free Libraries are more than repurposed newspaper
    boxes full of books. They're tiny whimsical community hubs where
    strangers connect -- a simple concept that's increasingly important in
    today's fast-paced digital world. Nearly 20,000 Edmontonians live in
    Oliver -- the majority in apartment buildings. At its core, the Oliver
    Little Free Library project is a chance for Oliver's residents to get
    to know each other and build community."
    -Annalise Klingbeil, creator of the Oliver Little Free Library Project

    "It's been refreshing to see Edmontonians embrace the Oliver Little
    Free Library project. The Oliver Community League works to improve

    our residents' quality of life. We are 100 per cent
    volunteer driven and this project epitomizes what we're all about. It
    was created by residents for residents and we would love to see more
    exciting initiatives like this in Oliver and all of Edmonton in the
    -Jarrett Campbell, president of the Oliver Community League

    There are thousands of Little Free Libraries around the world. The
    concept originated in Wisconsin in 2009 when Todd Bol filled a model
    of a schoolhouse with books and placed it in his front yard as a
    tribute to his mother. Little Free Libraries come in all shapes and
    sizes and users are simply instructed to take a book or leave a book.

    Annalise Klingbeil launched the project in September 2013 with the
    Oliver Community League after the league acquired 10 old newspaper
    boxes. Klingbeil hosted a painting bee to transform the orange boxes
    into colourful libraries. The league's Facebook, Twitter and a Make
    Something Edmonton page were used to help spread the word about the
    project and dozens of residents of all ages came to paint and donate
    books on a Saturday in September. Some talented Edmonton artists
    (Salgado Fenwick, ThinkITEM and artists at Robertson-Wesley United
    Church) also volunteered to paint boxes.
    Once the boxes were decorated, the league asked residents where they
    wanted to see them placed and Klingbeil and the league worked with the
    City of Edmonton and business owners to get permission to place the 10
    libraries. Residents helped fill the boxes with books and volunteered
    to keep an eye on the mini book boxes. Word of mouth, support from
    Make Something Edmonton and social media helped the project grow.
    Three boxes were placed outside of Oliver's boundaries.

    Oliver Community League Hall- 10326 118 St NW
    Condo Building- 9940 112 Street
    SNAP Gallery- 12056 Jasper Avenue
    Robertson-Wesley Church- 10209 123 St NW
    Paul Kane Park- 121 St NW & 103 Ave NW
    Constable Ezio Faraone Park- 11004 97 Ave NW
    Duchess Bake Shop- 10718 124 St NW
    Grant Notley Park- 11603 100 Ave NW
    Downtown Edmonton Community League (DECL)- 10113 104 St NW
    Mill Woods- 15 Grand Meadow Crescent NW

    For a map of all Oliver Little Free Library locations (and photos)

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