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Latest Update: Did you hear me and Siu To on CKUA? In case you missed it:

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So I spend quite a bit of time in Vancouver.  And I'm always struck by how often I feel the need to apologize for choosing the City of Champions as my home.  Convos usually go something like this:

Me: Hi nice to meet you!

Vancouverites: Oh hey.  Ya we were just having a convo about the many ways to prepare nutritional yeast.

Me: What's nutritional yeast?

Vancouverites:  Oh right.  You're from Ed-Mon-Ton.  Yawn.

It's Ehmintin! And I'm sick of feeling this pity.  It's a great town but tis true at times I wish I had more handy examples of why I have chosen this place as my home.  We need to build up our civic pride here people! So I have come up with something.  FOOD!  I started exploring the notion of having a signature Etown dish, only to discover that we already have one!!  We just don't KNOW IT!!!  So this project is about connecting YEGGERS with something uniquely Edmontonian.

I give you:  the Edmonton Green Onion Cake [EGOC!!].  Seems obvious right?  And yet people can't seem to answer the question "What is Etown's signature dish?" in a unified voice.  This project aims to change that...

 If it works, then maybe 10 years from now my convos in Vancouver could be more like:

Me: Hey I'm from Edmonton.

Vancouverites:  Awesome.  You know I'm really craving me some EGOC!

Me: Just had some yesterday sucka!


Check out my site:


  • So we're making progress! Turns out Edmonton already HAS a signature dish! For some odd reason, Edmontonians don't seem to know that. Trying to connect the dots. The contest is still in the works, but first we have to get some attention. I've started this website: It's in it's infancy and I'm working hard to generate content.
  • Did you hear me and Siu To on CKUA? In case you missed it:

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