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Vote Zombie Wall! is a fun, informative and non-partisan civic action campaign to run in conjunction with Edmonton’s municipal election. The farcical campaign premise is as follows:

Because of the looming zombie threat, the Vote Zombie Wall! campaign calls for the diversion of all municipal resources towards the construction of a zombie-proof perimeter wall around the City of Edmonton. The rationale being that a more compact, densely built city is more easily defended, and maintained, than one that is sprawling. Asphalt and concrete that might have otherwise been used to build roads in new neighbourhoods are instead used to build the wall and help ensure Edmonton’s safety against the inevitable apocalypse of the undead.

Using zombies as a motif, the objective of Vote Zombie Wall! is to make “sustainable urban development” part of the campaign conversation. The campaign seeks to get Edmonton’s electorate asking the candidates for mayor and council questions about how they will support sustainable urban development. The campaign also seeks to increase voter participation.

Vote Zombie Wall! encourages people to ask five questions:

How will YOU support the development of communities as opposed to new neighbourhoods?

How will YOU encourage infill development and curb urban sprawl?

How will YOU encourage transit ridership, bicycle ridership and walkable neighbourhoods?

How will YOU support locally owned businesses, locally grown food and locally made goods?

How will YOU support downtown vibrancy?

*The emphasis on YOU is also a call to action for the reader and general public.

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