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CALLING ALL Vendors, Makers, Artists, Crafters, Producers – We want to showcase your products on 100 Mile Living website ( and create a directory of all locally grown and made products. 100 Mile Living is a unique classifieds website where members can list their locally made or grown products free of charge while visitors can conveniently learn about where these products are made, grown, and sold. The website also makes it easy to locate products that are handmade, support an environmental or social cause, or that have special labels like “organic” or “kosher”. Together, let's change the way people shop for local products! List your locally made or grown products today.

p>Why list with us? Because we share your passion for supporting local economies, communities, and the environment. We want to help you market your products so consumers can conveniently find and learn more about them and your business. Plus, has many unique features:

  • Free to use - no listing, membership or commission fees
  • Unlimited listings
  • Listings active for 1 year - eliminate the hassle to keep uploading your products, we get how busy you are making and growing your products.
  • Location/distance search - by entering the postal code of the location where the product is made or grown, shoppers have the option to search by city or narrow their search to the distance of their choice.
  • No geographical limits - vendors and shoppers anywhere can use this resource!
  • Pause your listing - worried that you might run out of product and need to keep re-listing? By clicking the pause button, can stop the listing of your product until you have more product available.
  • Website, Facebook and Online Store links - opportunity to link your products to your business website, Facebook page or online store to increase traffic.
  • Special labels -opportunity to distinguish products that support a social cause, have environmental benefits, or have specific labels such as 'made with recycled material', hand made, organic etc.
  • Rating system - visitors have the opportunity to rate your business/product and provide comments, assuring future shoppers about your quality.
  • Sharing is caring -visitors can share your product and/or business listing via various social media methods including Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.
  • Add to Favourites - members see which of their products are favored by other members. Offer a discount or a promotion for popular items if you wish.
  • Where to Purchase - opportunity to let visitors know how and where to purchase your products such as brick and mortar retail stores, online stores like Etzy, farmer's markets, and craft fairs.
  • Target marketing - we promise to work hard to promote the website so that it becomes the "go-to" site for people interested in local living.
  • Easy to use - manage listings from your personal dashboard and edit listings (price, photos, etc.) at anytime.
  • AND MUCH MORE.....

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