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Latest Update: The deep-seated Canadian commitment to international peace and global humanitarian concerns is on display within ...

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An extension of the Homeglen School of One Global Art Project, Project Y150 YEG-GA is a collaborative e-Public History endeavour which documents the "everyday" experiences, contributions and active agency of women. First conceived in Fall 2015, this project utilizes the YEG-GA Carvings series and the Homeglen School of One Carving Vignettes advanced literacy program in order to provide multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-dimensional perspectives into Canada and the way Canadian historical memories are intimately linked to the larger World. Canada's 150th anniversary serves as the marker for the production of YEG-GA Vignettes, and collaborators offer original insights into their personal journeys, further shaped by the trajectory of their Canadian recollections and their own heritage. The rich digital tapestry of YEG-GA Vignettes also features the collaborations of members of First Nations' communities, Métis mothers and daughters, foreign visitors and workers, international students, as well as non-female participants who value their female partners and relatives, their female colleagues and friends, and, most importantly, their female ancestors.

  • Featured Collaboration: Wise Women Collaborators and Northern YEG-GA

    In order to facilitate awareness into the contributions, experiences, and historical agency of women, Project Y!50 will now feature the e-spaces of collaborators. These featured collaborations will appear at the top of the YEG-GA Vignettes page on the Homeglen School of One website. "Wise Women Collaborators and Northern YEG-GA" is a collaboration with a female survivor of the Residential School System from Norman Wells, NWT. Please read the narratives and the corresponding images found at the direct link:
  • Featured Collaboration: YEG-GA Community Pillars Support EPSF

    The vignettes found in this featured collaboration with the Edmonton Public School Foundation recalls specific moments and “everyday experiences” directed towards the support of Full-day Kindergarten programs for disadvantaged children. This unique chapter in e-Public History finds two women at the crossroads of fundraising, philanthropy, and equitable early childhood education within the context of Canada 150. Please see the direct link:
  • Featured Collaboration: Spring to Summer with the Beaver First Nation, 2016

    This micro e-Public History, conceived by a Canadian UNorth intern who values her Chinese heritage, is a significant "pre-quel" to the growing number of vignettes found in Project Y150 YEG-GA. The collaboration documents some of her experiences at the Beaver First Nation in Summer 2016, including rare insights into select Canada Day activities. In addition to valuable lessons she was generously provided, the vignettes also tend to reaffirm Edmonton's historic links to Canada's Northern communities. Please see the direct link:
  • Featured Collaboration: An Armenian Bartender with Urban Designs?

    This fascinating collaboration details the perspectives of an Armenian immigrant and former intern for the City of Edmonton. While Hollywood and the Turkish Government provide conflicting film representations of the Armenian Genocide, the vignettes found within this e-Public History illuminate entirely different insights into the everyday personal experiences of a Canadian citizen and proud member of the Armenian Nation. One recent vignette, for example, documents a refreshing encounter with a fellow Turkish trainee for the Canadian Red Cross. Please see the direct link:
  • Featured Collaboration: Conflict Resolution Corografia Recalls Ukrainian Dance Steppes

    The deep-seated Canadian commitment to international peace and global humanitarian concerns is on display within this collaboration by a former Cheremosh dancer, now completing a graduate degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before she journeyed to the United Kingdom, the collaborator for this e-public history had already made a mark on the greater Edmonton community by helping immigrants navigate the complexities of the federal court system of Canada. During her studies as an Arts student at the U of A, she also helped found the Gihon Women Empowerment Program, an organization devoted to promoting the interests of women and children found with communities dotting the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Please see the direct link:

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