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If you are interested in joining forces with a determined group of individuals, hell-bent on changing the world for the better and making our community stronger, then please send me an email! I need at least 3 partners to help make this project a reality, so any assistance is helpful.

The Project is 3 fold: 1) fundraise to build a plastic recycling station, 2) build recycling machines and 3) utilize those machines in a community maker space. We have all the know-how, we just need a few key members of the community who want to make this a reality!

Communities across the world are already using these stations and Edmonton should be the next in line. Plastics can be up-cycled (not recycled) into amazing new materials. My dream? Build a whole greenhouse from upcycled plastic to feed the neighbors. Want to learn more? Visit this amazing project that we will model ourselves after:

This will be a project that will require partners and volunteers who can help in the following ways: (short list)

- Registration as a non-profit

- Fundraising and money-handling

- Finding and coordinating volunteers

- Assisting with building and purchasing materials

- Assisting with finding/renting community making space

This is a 5 stage project: (short list)

Stage 1) Develop team, register non-profit, appoint board

Stage 2) Develop social media presence, begin fundraising

Stage 3) Fundraising completed, begin building

Stage 4) Building completed, begin community making space

Stage 5) LAUNCH making space

Of course, its a big project but with the right people and many hands our work will go by effortlessly. Who's with me?!


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