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What is Upcycle YEG? Our vision: We are an Edmonton based nonprofit group dedicated to addressing the plastic problem locally and internationally. Sustainability and empowerment are our top priorities. Our mission: To co-create a makerspace centrally located in Edmonton that is open to the public to host workshops and educational presentations. As well, to develop plastic upcycling technology, processes and entrepreneurial operations. To educate Edmonton about the importance of Upcycling, the downsides of recycling and the effect we have on impoverished nations. To create a network of partners and community members who are passionate about sustainable living, environmental justice and community empowerment. To apply what we have learned to be applied to impoverished communities. This includes providing machine parts, sourcing local technology, providing education for creating functional objects and providing support. Recycling plastics is an inefficient and impractical practice, which is why communities around the world are building their own small-scale plastic recycling stations. These stations “UPCYCLE” plastic as a precious material, shredding it down into a material that can be transformed into functional objects. What kind of objects? Shingles for roofs Building materials (lego-blocks) for homes Fixes for broken items/tools/ furniture Cups, utensils, bowls Art / anything In our western world, we are not fully aware of our actions and how our use of plastic directly affects those in impoverished countries. We need education and empowerment to bring about real, sustainable change. Around the world, people are inundated with plastic. If given the proper plastic shredding machines, knowledge and support, entire communities could become empowered entrepreneurs. Creating functional plastic objects, repair material or even returning the shredded plastic to their recycling stations for a valuable refund ten-times more then before being shredded. This is where Upcycle YEG comes in. ​ In doing this, we are hoping to educate and provide an opportunity for makers to reuse and upcycle rather than buying newly produced raw material. In our effort we hope to further the City's transformation into a green-leader, with its Environmental Strategic Plan. ​ We are currently: - Looking for community partners who would like to house a machine in their makerspace - Looking for partners who would like to join our board/volunteer - Looking for corporate sponsors who would like to support our cause - Looking for advice on how Upcycle YEG could be best utilized in the community ​ The building specs are available for anyone to build and use and can be found at We strongly suggest you visit this site if you are in need of more information. ​ Please support our Society by joining, donating or sharing with your friends.

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