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Youth in Edmonton's downtown and inner city neighborhoods are some of the most inspiring, intelligent and resilient people in our city. It is our hope to bring youth leaders from Centre High, Inner City High School, Boyle Street Education Centre, amiskwaciy academy and other youth organizations and schools together to partake in a day of learning that focuses on Indigenous leadership, community building and empowering youth to create positive change.

The conference will be held on May 11th, 2016 at Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society. We have secured amazing speakers such as Aaron Paquette, Dwayne Donald, Charlene Bearhead, Sean Lessard amongst many others. There will be opportunities for youth to engage in and lead workshops with each other and most importantly we hope to build a stronger sense of community and leadership for the youth that attend.

We are reaching out to the larger community in the hope that we can raise enough funds for the programming and logistics of the conference such as meals, honorariums, conference materials, t-shirts, etc.

If you're looking to support youth in our city and assist in the process of creating a strong sense of community then please consider supporting this conference and the youth who will be attending.

Thank you and we appreciate your support.

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