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The Farm on Wheels project aims to address a number of problems that teachers struggle with when they try to integrate agriculture into their classrooms and schools.

Prairie Urban Farm, a one-acre demonstration farm on the South Campus, provides education and hands-on experiences to grow food in urban contexts. The Farm on Wheels extends our growing season and allows us to bring nutritious food, innovative technology, and technical training to communities.

We're going to convert a 40' shipping container into an indoor farm and teaching centre so that we can provide training on the entire food production process, from germinating seeds to food handling.

We're going to document the entire process and create an open-source blueprint that others can use to replicate what we've done and improve upon it.

When the Farm on Wheels is operational, we're going to take it to one of the schools in Edmonton and begin training and building smaller indoor gardens using the same technology we're building into the container. The ZipGrow Towers work well as a standalone instructional tool, on walls as a FarmWall, in shipping containers, and greenhouses...with the advent of modern automation, a group of high school students could successfully operate a Farm on Wheels...

In order to raise the money for the project we're hosting a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. Its costs 100,000 to convert a shipping container into a mobile farm, but once its built, the possibilities become amazing.

We are looking for support to share our story and raise the funds.


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