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100in1day Edmonton is a great initiative to bring the differing communities of YEG together, to share what we each have to offer from simple small talk, to sharing a vision, to writing a simple encouraging message to spreading positivity and love that makes Edmonton, Edmonton. Music is known universally to bring people together, bring people who don't usually come together into one common area to appreciate music and the best is sharing music written from true and raw talents of musicians within the city itself! I envision a small and intimate group of YEG artists busking in the downtown area of YEG, and passerbys can take a moment to pause and enjoy the sounds of some of YEG's talented performers. In addition, I will also be collaborating with a close friend, who is a certified yoga instructor who will be teaching a FREE traditional Ashtanga yoga class to everybody of all levels in the park and under the sun! Uniting mind, body, soul and music in one intimate space! Whatever you choose, yoga in the park or just chillin' in the park listening to music, we would love to have you there!!

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