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Let's celebrate the beautiful, Instagrammable walls in our city by going on a downtown Instagrammable Walls Photo Walk.

What is an Instagrammable Wall? It's basically an interesting-looking wall that makes a great backdrop for a photo of yourself or your friends, posted to Instagram.

Instagrammable Walls can be mural walls, bold, colourful walls, graffiti walls, interesting textured-walls - you name it. Instagrammable Walls add beauty to a city, and attracts people to a location that might otherwise not be frequented. It can often surprise you.

What is a Photo Walk? A Photo Walk is when a group of people get together and walk around a specific location, finding interesting opportunities and areas for taking pictures.

For 100 in 1 Day, we will meet outside Grandin Station downtown at 110 Street and 99 Avenue, and walk as a group to several Instagrammable Walls, stopping to take photos of one another at each wall along the way (with the purpose of course, of sharing on social media!) If you miss our departure time, feel free to take your own self-guided Instagrammable Wall tour/photo walk this day too!

Meet outside Grandin Station 110 Street 99 Avenue on Saturday, June 3 at 1 p.m.

We will depart for our first wall around 1:15 p.m.

Locations will be a surprise. Expect to walk about 6 KM in total (round trip).

Bring your cameras/phones, cute outfits, water bottle (if you wish) and comfortable walking shoes!

(But you can also just show up day-of)

This Photo Walk is part of 100in1Day and is hosted by Linda Hoang (@lindork) and Kayla Panizzon (@kpanizzo)!

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