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Crossfire: a Beaver Hills Water Fight is an brief, organized water balloon competition organized as a part of Make Something Edmonton's 100in1Day Event to celebrate summer. The aim is to celebrate summer, while uplifting and engaging the community in joyful play for an hour. How it'll go: You arrive, or get recruited as you pass by. You get put on a team, and wear something to identify that you are playing. You get oriented to the rules (no hitting innocent bystanders, etc!). You snag some water balloons and hit your opponents with a refreshing splash! Join us or watch from 2-3pm on June 3rd. Participate in other ways by volunteering to buy and/or fill balloons. For more info visit the Facebook event. THIS EVENT HAS CHANGED LOCATION from 76 AVE to Beaver Hills House Park DUE TO PERMIT RESTRICTIONS. Join us anyway!

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