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The concept takes a residual urban space and creates a unique and discoverable alley art gallery themed: Eyes on the Street. This one time delivery of small scale artwork will be viewable from a short distance (<4'). A clean gallery wall surface on one side with the rough parkade wall on the other side, the gallery is open on both ends, and is positioned to allow accidental discovery flowing from a street to the alley in the back. Lighting and art will condition the space, and create a powerful juxtaposition.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted art for the Secret Alley Gallery! With over 200 submissions, we are so thrilled with incredible support and response. We auctioned 21 pieces of unique local art with all proceeds going directly to the artists.

A special thanks to the amazing Secret Alley Gallery partners:
- Awesome Edmonton
- Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
- MADE - Media Architecture Design Edmonton
- Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton
- Cloverdale Paint Inc.

We were blown away by the incredible support with over 600 people exploring this under utilized space. Thank you to Make Something Edmonton and the Shutterbugs for documenting the day and the many people and organization for sharing the story.

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