Make Something Edmonton is run by the Community Activation team, part of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation's Urban Economy division.

Chris Gusen

As the longest standing member of the Make Something Edmonton team, Chris Gusen is the foundation on which MSE sits. You'll most likely find him working away at his standing desk, listening to music through headphones with an impossibly tangled cord. Chris has more important things on his mind than the state of his headphone cord; he's always meeting new people who also care about making their city better in their own way. He empowers others to pursue their idea while pursuing his own, like bringing 100in1Day to Edmonton. Chris is a writer, a producer, a voracious podcast listener, and the bedrock of Make Something Edmonton.

Carmen Douville

The always fashionable Carmen Douville enjoys impromptu dance parties, singing along to the music playing in her head, and hugs—she loves to hug. She has lots of love to give and she puts her love for life into her work. Whether she's co-founding companies like Loyal Loot Collective or design shows like Tête Jaune, teaching industrial design, or leading initiatives to make Edmonton an even better place to live, Carmen pursues everything she does with her passionate and tenacious spirit. Make Something Edmonton is extremely fortunate to have such a good hugger, plant whisperer, and matchmaker on the team.

Shayne Woodsmith

Shayne Woodsmith is a filmmaker, photographer, and an award-winning writer. He likes apples, peanut butter, chocolate, and occasionally putting all three in a blender, with some water and ice, to create a delicious beverage. You’ll often see him, camera in hand, wandering around the city and taking portraits for his Faces of Edmonton photoblog. He brings his passion for telling stories and his proclivity for smoothie making to the Make Something Edmonton team.

Moirae Choquette

You'll often see Moirae Choquette sipping her go-go juice from an extra grande, trenta Starbuck's cup (it's basically a Big Gulp's worth of coffee). But nobody gives her a hard time about her caffeine addiction because she always chases her coffee with water and she gets so much stuff done—seriously, it's like she has a clone out there and they work in shifts. Moirae's ability to be in two places at once helps her work with other like-minded folks to bring a lot of cool things to downtown. From pop-up shops and bike food crawls to design shows like Vignettes, Moirae is always working to make downtown Edmonton a cooler, funner, more vibrant to be.

Joseph Pedrola

Joseph Pedrola leads the Community Activation team but that doesn't mean you'll find him sitting at his desk with his feet up and his hands behind his head. Joseph is constantly on the move, to and from meetings, to and from the printer. He prints so much that he's actually worn a path in the office carpet from his office to the printer—all important papers, sorry trees. He's always there for the team, rolling up his sleeves to help fix what's broken, to grease what squeaks, and to tinker with things that could run more smoothly.