The new big idea is made up of countless small ideas.

Someone just like you is building something extraordinary here.

Animate the Alleys

Small ideas: Paint my alleyway with inviting colours. Collect warm clothing donations for folks in need. Build a freezeway so people can skate around the city . Have a snowball fight with hundreds of friends. Write poetry on stairs. Practice yoga in a park. Use a parking stall for something other than a car. Organize a winter bike ride with lights, lots of lights. While we’re at it, put lights on the oldest bridge in the city. Kickstart my toffee business. Make a book for kids to learn about Edmonton. Turn a blank wall into a blank canvas. Get to know my neighbours. Build a hut so people can stay warm in the winter. Write messages of hope and regret and hang them the forest. Start a tool library. Turn a empty space into an inviting place.

Pride Bench | 100in1Day

We're here to help

Make Something Edmonton is devoted to helping you build the city you want, idea by idea, project by project. We’re dedicated to sharing your story, to connecting you with folks who can help take your project to the next stage, to helping you get your message out there. Supporting the people whose combined efforts are shaping this city—change-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals whose work makes Edmonton unique—is what we do.

Warming Huts

Why Edmonton

In early 2012 we uncovered a story. It goes back thousands of years, to what First Nations leaders call a "great gathering place." The fort followed, and so did settlers who came for the opportunity.

Yeg Snow Fight

Edmontonians are original

Edmontonians created the first Mosque in Canada, as a community. They opened the first food bank and started the North American Fringe theatre movement the same way, with a few people, an idea, and a lot of help. They built a new model for public education, a community league system, and thousands of small businesses. With that same spirit, they launched The Running Room (started by a former food industry executive in the living room of an old house), BioWare (started by three doctors in a basement), PCL, Stantec, Telus, Shaw, Ledcor.

100in1Day Launch

Just keep doin’ what you’ve always done: build, create, make something. Make something beautiful, something strange, something profitable. In our first weekend, you launched over 80 Make Something Edmonton projects. Now there’s over 1500 projects. And every project is a gift for and a celebration of our city. These are the somethings that help shape our city—hundreds of actions, big and small, making Edmonton a better place. So go ahead, create a profile, launch a project, do that thing you’ve most wanted to do.

So what are you making? And how can we help?